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Review: Dagblad van het Noorden 25 januari 2012

New Wave 'sans frontiers'

stars for Radio Orange (4 out of 5 stars)

album sleeve radio orange mindreader groningen

Titel album: "Mindreader"
Band/Artist: Radio Orange
Reviewer: Martin Groenewold

Traditionally, the attendants of Europe's main conference and showcase festival "Eurosonic Noorderslag" found themselves flooded with numerous CD's/albums by bands from all over Europe. During this year's edition, however, they encountered only one full-fledged album in their goodie bag. Real good news for the Dutch band "Radio Orange". As a result their debut album Mind Reader attracted the full and undivided attention of numerous booking agents, festival organizers and A&R managers.

Right from the opening track 'Invincible' they will be captivated by Mind Reader as the album is packed with huge doses of pop instrumental craftsmanship and musicality. With key members from the former successful bands "Weekend at Waikiki" and

"I Spy", Radio Orange achieved to give a contemporary forward-thinking twist to the New Wave sound of the 1980's.

Their sound unwilling makes you think of modern bands like "The Killers", but also of older bands like "Depeche Mode" and "Talking Heads". The title track "Mindreader" sparks back to life memories of the Beatles, while the stark vocals on other tracks regularly refer to David Bowie. Mind Reader truly is an intriguing gem, a pan-European album and beyond.

Mind Reader was recorded in "Studio Spitsbergen" and funded through the Sellaband initiative by 777 'believers' from all over the planet. (unauthorized translation)

Martin Groenewold


On Mind Reader 14 songs are released that have evolved from the unique modus operandi of the Radio Orange musicians. The result is a carefully integrated contemporary sound that is influenced by the various musical interests and backgrounds of the individual band members. This combinatorial approach resulted in songs with complex soundscapes spiked with catchy melodies and modern rhythms.

There appears to be kind of dichotomy detectable on the album, with the first 9 song influenced by rather danceable bands like The Killers, The Editors and MGMT, delicately soaked in memories of bands like TC Matic, Talkingheads and Devo, whereas the next 5 songs rely on a more melodic approach reminiscent of The Beatles, Todd Rundgren, or even Star Sailor, Suede and Depeche Mode.

In short, the music, lyrics and artwork alike form an intricate mind map of the creative sources the individual members of RO taped into during "the making of". Listing to Mind Reader will allow you to read the minds of its makers.

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